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“Affordable Dry Basements truly. Stands behind their lifetime warranty. They fixed a basement crack in a poured basement wall back in 1999. 20 years later it developed a small leak. Affordable came out and fixed free of charge with no hassles. I would recommend them as a reliable company.”

Aaron Hudson, 5 Stars.

“They were professional, courteous and explained what we needed done with knowledge. The person that came out to fix our basement crack did a great job, explained what he did and cleaned up when he was finished. I highly recommend!”


Jessica Howlin, 5 stars.

“Great service from the word go! Great price and work done very professional I have used Affordable Dry Basement 2 times myself and recommended them to my sister in law and she loved them too!"

Dennis Willis​, 5 Stars.

“Affordable Dry Basements did an excellent job. They honored their warranty without question. Their technician even explained the difference in how Affordable Dry Basement fixes leaks verses the way the original builder attempted to..”

Paul Cook, 5 Stars.

“They were on time for both the estimate and the job. They were the only company out of 4 that we had that knew what to do to solve our problem. They did not make a mess and appeared to do the job very well.”

Kellie Yost, 5 Stars.

“They were dependable, knowledgeable and affordable. They did a great job, they cleaned up after the job was done, they showed up on time. Very nice people to deal with. So glad we found this company.”

Cliff Berger, 5 Stars.

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